About Me


 Member of Adult Social Care (MASC) Life Coach “ Shipenden Reiki Master & Teacher  Radiance Technique 2nd Degree “ ACE” –  Deeksha Giver.  Spiritual Coach. 

Fully Insured.

It is my belief that all humans are creative, however with the pressures of modern living and schooling that tends to suppress genuine creativity we ended losing the ability to imagine creatively and live a creative life.

All aspects of our life are creative., just living can be a creative or destructive process.  Creativity is not just painting, writing, playing music etc., its about living a creative life in all aspects, the way we communicate and relate to others and our surroundings, the way we care for our environment and so on.

Stress throws us of balance and can lead to illness both physical & emotional

.When we are in balance and harmony we are at our creative best and as my motto goes ˜Happy People make A Happy World”

I have always been interested in energy work. And when some years ago at a very stressful time in my life Reiki restored my equilibrium and joy I decided I wanted to learn this wonderful technique in order to help myself and to pass this ability and knowledge on to other people.

The practices and techniques and products offered here are all things which I have experienced and have found profoundly beneficial and use them  regularly.  I have also used sound and specific frequencies to enhance my life experience and restore balance.

We  all need help to remain focused, positive and creative.  We must eat well, drink the best water possible, and find something like meditation, listening to specific frequencies, Tai Chi, Qui Gong.  There are many ways to restore and keep our energy centred and our vibrations high.

Here I offer some of the things that have helped me.

Contact: 07388 065269 or [email protected]