Colloidal & Ionic Silver

Natures anti bacterial whose use dates back to Phoenician times and was much used in the middle ages.

Traditional Amber Colloidal Silver & Clear Ionic Silver (often misleadingly referred to as Colloidal)  Both 20 ppm.

This article will explore the special properties of all silver products by documenting some of the many scientific studies that prove silver as an effective pathogen killer. It will also show the difference between:-

 With the introduction of antibiotics the use of colloidal silver diminished., however today it is enjoying a come back and is used by many to deal with all sorts of ailments.

I first discovered the benefits of colloidal Silver about 6 years ago.  I realized since I had been taking it my usual twice yearly bouts of  pretty bad flu type virus had not occurred.

So I decided to make my own supplies using the ‘Silver Lungs’ method and double distillation of water for purity of the solution.  Its a simple but exacting process.

500 ml. bottle –  Colloidal Silver £14.00 + postage & packing    500 ml. bottle   Ionic Silver £14.00 + postage & packing 

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If you have never taken Colloidal Silver internally before we suggest that you follow the ‘protocol’ here., that will ensure against  risk of too speedy detox.  If you are on any medication please consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner.  Dosage Instructions & Protocol

Why Silver?

Spanning well over 100 years of research, countless laboratory tests have shown silver to kill disease-causing pathogens, viruses and bacteria typically within minutes of contact. Silver has shown to be a powerful anti-fungal, anti-germicidal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral substance.  Silvers ability to work against pathogenic agents is due to silver being a transition metal.  Transition metals assist the chemical process of oxidizing other elements.  Silver – as a catalyst oxidant, works in this fashion against viruses, pathogens, fungus and bacteria.  Silver is also one of the least toxic metals for human ingestion when in its pure form.

Silver is still used readily in hospital burn wards to effectively prevent scar tissue through the use of silver infused bandages.  Ionic Silver has been shown to regenerate skin tissue by allowing the restructuring of wounded cells into new cells with no differentiation.  Silver assists these wounded cells by allowing them to turn into any type of cell that’s needed for optimal healing.  These de-differentiated cells can be used to create cells necessary to replace destroyed cells in a wound or to simply rebuild missing tissue.  It is this very action that allows silver to virtually eliminate scarring.

Colloidal Silver Vs Ionic Silver

Ionic – The Clear solution –  Eyes, ears, lungs, and topically

Colloidal – The Yellow/amber solution – Oral, nasal, vaginally.

The “terminology” used in the silver supplement market has truly become confusing, frustrating and many times downright misleading. Sadly, between well-meaning manufacturers who honestly don’t know the difference between the two main types of silver (or what they are actually producing), to those who knowingly mislead the consumer through deceptive claims and pseudo-science, it’s rare to find a general consumer that could actually know the difference between the two main types of silver solutions. What’s worse, virtually all silver solution manufacturers resort to some degree of pseudo-science as to how their silver solution is unique and better than all others. First, let’s take a look at the basics of getting the terminology accurate and understood.

Colloidal Silver: Colloidal silver is properly defined as a silver solution that is comprised of a majority of silver particles. Silver particles are pure pieces of silver metal that are not ionic nor bound to any other constituents such as oxygen (AgO or Ag2O for example.) The word “colloidal” is the most misrepresented term for almost all silver solutions produced today. First, the general consumer only knows one word concerning silver solutions; that word is “colloidal.” It’s safe to say that 9 out of 10 consumers have never even heard of the term “ionic”, which is what 90% of all silver solutions sold today actually are. Second, silver solution manufacturers realize that the general consumer does not know the word ionic and would not dare label their product anything other than “colloidal” due to the risk of not selling their solution to the pre-conditioned “colloidal” shopper.  1st time use -recommended dosage

Ionic Silver: Ionic silver is defined as a concentration of silver ions suspended in highly purified water where the majority of the solution is comprised of positively charged silver atoms. When a silver atom loses one or more of its electrons, it is now termed as an ion of silver and carries a positive charge because the protons of its structure now outnumber the electrons. Protons are positively charged while electrons are negatively charged. This is what 90% of all silver solutions on the market today actually are. To put it another way, 90% of all silver solutions marketed as colloidal are absolutely not colloidal by proper definition of the term and are in fact almost entirely ionic.

Ionic vs. Colloidal: Although most silver solutions sold today are actually ionic solutions (and misbranded as colloidal), this doesn’t mean that ionic silver is without merit or less effective than true colloidal silver. In fact, both forms are valuable based on the administration method chosen. Silver solutions can be administered in vivo (inside of the body) or in vitro (outside of the body) – topically. This is why there is value in knowing the difference between the two types and why having the ability to use them for specific applications is necessary.

MORE detailed explanation of Silver solutions and their healing properties

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