Barefoot Doctor. The Message. Vision for a New World.

3000 years ago, Moses unveiled his 10 commandments on a tablet of stone to the chosen people.Now, Barefoot Doctor unveils The Message, also available in tablet format, to the chosen people of today:The Message that is written for the 21st centurys chosen people: those willing to take the next step in the evolution of mankind.The Message that outlines in detail the 7 once-secret Taoist principles for health, happiness and spiritual enlightenment.The Message that, if these principles are practiced, then life-enhancing values / commandments arise naturally from within, rather than being imposed from the outside; a natural template for living a brilliant life, no matter what is going on.The Message that – if such a life-enhancing outlook in engendered – then even Moses commandments can be interpreted in an enlightened and enlightening manner.The Message that – if youre open and ready to hear it – then God / Tao / Moses / Barefoot have something very special for you, right here, right now: VISION FOR A NEW WORLD.

I would very much like to introduce you to ‘The Message’ my good friend Steph, The Barefoot Doctor’s new book. The Barefoot Doctor is a blast and one of the most powerful teachers on the planet at this time.

The gist of THE MESSAGE is the time for focus on self-development is
now over as we’ve reached the tipping point of awakened people and the
time is now for focusing on collective evolution instead – THE MESSAGE
is that by learning centering (as per the Taoist style taught in the
book), we realize our angelic natures beneath the human disguise and
thereby evolve empathy and a natural set of inborn ethics in respect
of all our fellow angels, for which surprisingly the Ten Commandments
provide the perfect template as ten principles for enlightened grace,
as in when you know the other to be divine too, you’d never dream for
instance, of killing even their ideas let alone their person and so on
– and from all this arises a vision for a new world in which love is
the major world currency and the global economy is booming with it.

It’s an uplifting new way to approach the scenario of our present
world succumbing to the entropic urge as intractably as it seems to be
right now, and will lift your spirits and lend you new resolve to get
involved co-creating something way better than any of us have yet
dared dream of.
Via Barefoot Doctor. The Message. Vision for a New World..

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