˜Caring for oneself and each other in our communities locally and globally. Accessing and expressing ones creative spirit and learning the ˜Freedom of play again, makes for happy people who spread joy and are more able to feel their connection to others and therefore empathy which leads to a more caring community.

To understand the world to understand we are a global community. To care for the whole rather than the single  the selfish  and realise it is time for more random acts of kindness.

We live in a rapidly changing world and must make the choice to evolve to thrive and live as free responsible beings in a self-organising system. Where everyone is cared for not just the few. For that to happen we need to think differently and therefore feel differently, so we can feel the connection that Quantum Science is now explaining.

From Me to We:

In order to care on a wide scale we must start with caring for ourselves. We cannot care for another properly if we do not care for our self. We need to learn to be nice to ourselves on every level.
In order to care for ourselves we have to be balanced and happy which is not easy in todays world of terrible news, global unrest, financial fear and alarming weather changes.
So how do we achieve this state of balance which will enable us to make the best decisions for ourselves our families our neighbourhoods and consequentially our global community?

Can I achieve harmony and balance in my life?

This is not a constant state  the feelings of harmony and balance fluctuate with the rhythms both natural and unnatural, and cycles of life. We lose our vital energy our life force to the everyday events in our lives pressure we are under in todays world causes our fight or flight response to be constantly on the alert flooding our bodies with corrosive chemicals  cortisol and adrenalin which cause all manner of problems, physical mental and emotional.

We need to find ways of regularly recharging our batteries so to speak so we are not running on empty. The Radiance Technique is one such way of maintaining balance and harmony on a daily basis.

Much More

We are much more than our physical bodies we are energy beings with energy fields that stretch beyond our physical selves and come into contact with the energy field of others.

Our Hearts have an electro-magnetic field which extends beyond our bodies what we hold in our heart be it the stress and fear that we are being bombarded with on a daily basis or ˜LOVE and a sense of our own personal power extends into the field around us.

When we sit together with focused intent and an open loving heart watch Gregg Braden

Finding your place of Joy

˜Pure play is the most powerful way to touch the divine and is actually what everyone is looking for at all times. Losing yourself is the key, as in losing the constructed aspects of yourself to reveal the pure you at the core of your being.
The Barefoot Doctor from his book Pure

We have been hoodwinked into believing that material gain things will bring us happiness,  this is not true. It is the inner knowing of who we really are and what we are capable of that will bring that feeling of peace we want.

We are powerful creators, getting in touch with our creative essence – learning how to play again, to free ourselves from the shackles of self-criticism and self- judgement. When we stop being so harsh on ourselves we become more tolerant and understanding of others.
Why play is so vital. watch

Lets learn to play again by getting in touch with our intuitive creative spirit.

Lets learn to play again with the freedom of children and see how we progress.

Creative Potential Workshops are friendly, informal and non-competitive. We concentrate directly on the intuitive CREATIVE process rather than producing a finished product.

For details of the next CP workshop or to book a Radiance Session please call or email
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Sally Singer  2nd degree TRT (The Radiance Technique). Life Coach MASC. ACE.

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