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Increasing Your Connection To Life
All living things have an energy field that emanates from them we generate an electrical field through us and around us that connects and has an influence on the field of the environment that we live in. The living energy of the electromagnetic planetary/universal life force.
When our bio electrical field is flowing unimpeded we feel ‘connected to life and function more efficiently we are in harmony with our environment on a subtle but very powerful level.
This field, under certain conditions i.e. Kirlian photography can be observed and is commonly known as the aura. Psychics and adepts and sensitive are also able to see this field others can sense, but not actually see, the fields of other people. In reality most people can detect the field from others, such as walking into a room with hostile people in it. Many though don’t understand what it is they are picking up quote a friend of mine who believes nothing of the immediately unobservable world asked me, after a particularly difficult relationship end I had gone through, if I had met any other men I answered no and was told by her that people would just sense what I was feeling and that I was not over my past relationship, no matter what I said She didn’t think about how or why they would be able to do so!
New science has discovered that our hearts have an electromagnetic field around them which extends beyond our physical bodies. Everything we do affects what is held in our personal field¦. What we eat, what we think, what we do all has an effect on how we are vibrating in and connecting  or not with our energetic environment. The work of the HeartMath institute has shown this to great effect. Also Dr Bruce Liptons work shows how our thoughts create who we are not only on an energetic level but also our very cellular being.


Then it is probably correct to say that you are not conducting the bio electrical currents through your body efficiently. You have blockages in your circuits., energy gets stuck and there is ‘resistance to flow.
For optimum health we need to ensure that we are allowing the free flow of bio electrical currents throughout our bodies.
There are a variety of ways that we can assist the flow of what is essentially our life force.
The Radiance Technique is one such way of getting the flow going again and removing blockages .Once attuned i.e., circuits switched on, and applied to oneself or another a balance can be achieved enabling clearer thought, decisive actions and increased intuition.
Detoxification/Ionisation/Grounding is also a way this can be achieved.
When energetic blocks are moved increased awareness is available enabling a more creative life..Life quite simply becomes easier and you maintain a sense of well-being., everything works better.

Radiant relaxation and detoxification techniques and sessions will help to eliminate the stress built up in your mind and therefore your body¦.it is well researched nowadays and even the medical establishment admit that most illness is a product of stress. The world we live in is one of constant bombardment of pressures¦ Accumulated stress impairs our immune system making us vulnerable to disease.
We are also bombarded on a daily basis with pollution in our atmosphere, our food, domestic chemicals and so on and our bodies build up levels of toxins that need to be eliminated. This needs to be done on a reasonably regular basis as we are under constant attack